Arianna was born in Philadelphia, PA on June 3rd.  She moved to Oklahoma after third grade and finished all of her schooling in the state she would call home for the next 15 years.

After graduating from Jones High School, Arianna went on to attend the University of Central Oklahoma, where she studied Broadcasting.

Arianna’s favorite things are: puppies, ladybugs, rainbows, kindness, the color pink, glitter, her family, and sports. Not necessarily in that order.

Her favorite teams are: the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Phillies, the Kansas Jayhawks, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Mavericks.
























2 thoughts on “Arianna

  1. Sister I love you very much and I am beyond happy for you. I look forward to the day I meet Breet. I will enjoy following you each step of the way while you share your plans for yours and Breet’s happy day.

  2. Sister, I am SO thrilled beyond everything that you will be here for this! I can’t wait for you to get here… is it August yet?!?!

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