7 months to go…

In exactly seven months we will be on an airplane heading to Jamaica! Why? Because we will have just gotten MARRIED! The thought is very exciting. But looking at our to do list the thought is also quite daunting. But, we are powering through our list and getting things accomplished. This weekend is dedicated to wedding planning, so hopefully we are able to get a lot of things checked off our list.

The biggest snag in planning came when I went dress shopping with a couple of my bridesmaids in December. They both found really beautiful dresses that looked great on them. When they went to order the dress, the consultant informed them that the dress was no longer available in my chosen shade of pink! Naturally, I wasn’t pleased, but throwing a fit and being crazy isn’t go to make a large national corporation change their mind on discontinuing the color I chose. So, I had to select a different shade of pink, and while it wasn’t my first chose, I know it will be beautiful and honestly, if I hadn’t told you I’d be the only person who knew it wasn’t my first choice. But what’s a wedding without a little drama, right?

The thing I’m most looking forward to at the moment is putting together our registries! Who doesn’t love to shop, amiright?!?

So, 210 days until the wedding – but who’s counting?