Meet the Bridal Party

The Maids have been added complete with pictures and descriptions of who each person is to me (along with the pronunciation of some of their names)!

I’ve also added a section to introduce the flower girls and ring bearers.

When you ask an Irish Catholic girl to marry you, chances are you’ll end up with almost as many flower girls and ring bearers as Maids and Men!

But, how can you exclude any of these cutie pies?!?

Exactly.  You can’t.

A huge thank you goes out to these adorable children’s parents for allowing us to use your children in our wedding!  I promise we’ll take great care of them and that they will have a great time as well! We won’t even fill them with (too much) sugar.  Thank you for giving us the privilege of representing each of you in the happiest day of our lives!

The Groom’s men are finalized! 

Brett has received confirmation from each of the guys he asked to be a part of our wedding, that they will in fact be standing by his side as we exchange vows.

Although, I suspect they will help (and ensure) that several shenannigans take place between now and the wedding.

He truly has the best dudes helping him through this and I am so thankful that they are going to be such a big part of such a big day.

To each of the groomsmen – thank you so much!

You mean the world to us.

Enjoy browsing around!

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