The Details

11/1 Update:

The reception venue has been booked as well, so be sure to check out ‘The Reception‘ page!


10/28 Update:

The church has been booked!  The contract is signed.  The deposit is paid.  Phew!  Check out The Ceremonypage for further details.


10/8 Update:

We have been to one place as a possible reception venue, and have a meeting scheduled with our minister for next week.  Pretty exciting stuff!  We have a couple other places in mind for the reception and are leaning toward one we really like.  We’ve also decided on what we will be serving, we just have to find the right caterer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This section is slowly starting to come together!  We have the honeymoon booked, so be sure to check out that page!

I’ve also set up registriesbut since the wedding is still 11 months away, we don’t have anything in them.  But, I decided to go ahead and set the links to them, so that way everyone will have quick access once they start filling up.

We still haven’t finalized a venue for the ceremony or the reception, but I think those are the next things on our to do list.

Thanks for following our journey!

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