Week One

So, it’s been ten days since we got engaged and I’ve got to say, I am loving every minute of it!  We haven’t set anything in stone yet, but I do have some details for all of you since I know you’ve been so patient waiting for answers!

First and foremost, the date!  We have a date in mind, but it’s not confirmed with any venue yet, so technically this date could change (although I am really in love with the date since it’s so meaningful to us) – August 17, 2013!  So, mark your calendars and plan around that date.

The venue – sorry, don’t have this confirmed yet.

The honeymoon – booked!  We will be going to JAMAICA!!!!  We are so thrilled to travel to an island that neither one of us has been to, plus we’ll get to earn another stamp in the ole passport!

So, that’s all the details I have for you, for now.  But, be sure to check back, as I will be adding details as they get put in place!

And lastly, thank you  so much to all of you for being so incredibly fabulous so far!  The pure joy and excitement that has been showered upon us is a bit overwhelming to be honest.  But, I’ve said this before, we have the best people in our lives, and times like this only continue to remind me of that!



Arianna and Brett

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