Kansas City Corporate Challenge

For the last several months, companies around the Kansas City area have been competing in the Corporate Challenge; an annual competition where companies of similar size compete against one another in a variety of athletic endeavors.

Both of the companies Brett and I work for are competing this year and we have both been competing in some of the events.

I laced up the old track spikes and hit the track for the mile run and distance medley. I hadn’t competed in a long time but I was happy with my performance overall. I have some work to do to get better for next year, but I’ve got 12 months to prepare.

Brett has competed in way more events than I have playing dodgeball, softball, table tennis, and 3 on 3 soccer.

His agency had some early exits in dodgeball and softball, and he and his tennis table partner played well, but all the games were hard fought and everyone should be proud of their efforts.

The soccer team played hard and came away with fourth place, which is farther than they’ve ever come before!

The guys played well together and Brett had several goals and assists. I don’t have video of Brett’s goals, but here’s a shot of one of his assists.  Brett still has bowling to compete in this weekend and I’m confident he’s going to do awesome.

That’s all from #SuddrethManor for now!

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