Dear 2020 Baby…

How do I begin to explain to you how history will talk about the year of your birth?

You will hear things like “worst year ever,” “dumpster fire,” “totally effing sucked.” You’ll hear the words “pandemic,” “coronavirus,” “covid,” “social distancing,” “wear a mask.” These will appear in your history books, and you’ll learn about the global illness that shattered normalcy and economies simultaneously. You’ll hear about tumultuous protests for a myriad of causes. Racial injustice. Government overreach. Patriotism. Selfishness. Hypocrisy. An election. Deaths. And on and on and on and you’ll wonder how on earth people could have babies during such a seemingly awful time.

Well, sweet 2020 baby, because in the midst of the never ending madness, anxiety and dread, you were a welcome bright spot. You made a dark and isolated year brighter and warmer. Your presence made the world a better place immediately.

There are many things I would have loved for you to have done this year – met more family; traveled to the beach; and to the mountains. Flown on an airplane. Dipped your toes in the waves. But all of those things will come in time. Maybe not in the coming year, but in time.

Your history book won’t tell you the wonderful things about 2020. It won’t talk about the amount of belly laughs and smiles you have brought us. Or the sweet coos. It won’t mention the milestones you achieved and the cheers from your family as you accomplished each one. Missing from the pages of history will be the never ending parade of hugs your brothers give you every time they see you. The tickles to your feet. The snuggles. The cuddle puddles. None of those will be mentioned.

And while they may not be worthy of including in a history book, all of those things have made this “terrible” year absolutely incredible.

One thought on “Dear 2020 Baby…

  1. Guessing the 2020 baby and the boys have kept you on your toes… it’s update time! 🙂

    Hoping you are all well! Can’t wait to see what’s going on in your world!

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