6 months and counting. . .

It is crazy to think that we got engaged six months ago! And now, we are only six months away from the wedding!! This weekend we got quite a bit of wedding planning knocked out.

Our registries are officially started. The first registry is at Target. We will also have registries at Bed Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel but those are not set yet.

Save the dates and wedding invitations have been ordered as well and I am so excited to get them! They look really great and I can not wait to share them with everybody.

My dress is still not in yet, but when I ordered it in December they said it could take until June to come in. C’mon dress…. GET HERE because I want to see you!

Bachelorette party ideas, bachelor party plans, wedding shower ideas and engagement party plans have all been talked about this weekend. It has been quite the busy weekend.

So, six months down, six months to go!

So. Excited.

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