Kansas City Corporate Challenge

For the last several months, companies around the Kansas City area have been competing in the Corporate Challenge; an annual competition where companies of similar size compete against one another in a variety of athletic endeavors.

Both of the companies Brett and I work for are competing this year and we have both been competing in some of the events.

I laced up the old track spikes and hit the track for the mile run and distance medley. I hadn’t competed in a long time but I was happy with my performance overall. I have some work to do to get better for next year, but I’ve got 12 months to prepare.

Brett has competed in way more events than I have playing dodgeball, softball, table tennis, and 3 on 3 soccer.

His agency had some early exits in dodgeball and softball, and he and his tennis table partner played well, but all the games were hard fought and everyone should be proud of their efforts.

The soccer team played hard and came away with fourth place, which is farther than they’ve ever come before!

The guys played well together and Brett had several goals and assists. I don’t have video of Brett’s goals, but here’s a shot of one of his assists.  Brett still has bowling to compete in this weekend and I’m confident he’s going to do awesome.

That’s all from #SuddrethManor for now!

Thankful in all things

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge from the universe and your entire perspective about a situation changes.

I’ve been experiencing a really trying challenge lately and it has been incredibly frustrating on every front; emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m not going to elaborate on the challenge, because this isn’t about that. It’s about my mindset and focus shift.

But last week while I was driving home from work and dwelling on this challenge I turned the radio on in the car and received the gentlest of nudges. The host of the radio show told a story about a woman who was also experiencing a challenge and instead of praying and asking God to help her through her challenge, she woke up everyday and thanked God for what she wanted the outcome to be. And eventually, it came true! In her case, she needed some extensive dental work. So every morning she would wake up and say “Thank you Lord for my new teeth.”

Her attitude in the story made my ears perk up and made me sit taller and *listen.*

Then a couple days later, while still dwelling on my challenge and how I was going to get through it, a song came on the radio and I felt as if the song was being sung directly AT me. And then a second song. And then a third. All in a row; without commercials or interruptions.

Finally, Sunday morning at church our minister finished up a four part series entitled Enough, based on the book by Rev. Adam Hamilton.

There was a scripture passage that said “give thanks to God in all things.” Our minister made a huge clarification though, he made sure we understood the difference between FOR all things and IN all things.

He said he knows it’s hard to be thankful FOR the hard times, but we should still be thankful IN them.

Which really made me think about my challenge. Am I thankful FOR the challenge, no. Not at all. But, I am shifting my thinking about it. I am thankful IN the struggle. Because I know that once I’m through it, the outcome will be much more meaningful and blessed because I really had to struggle to achieve it.

So, thank you God for the outcome I desire but haven’t yet achieved. Thank you for guiding me through the challenge and reminding me that patience is needed in all things. And thank you for your unending love and wisdom, and for the ability to recognize Your presence in my day to day.

Changes are a’comin’

We are two weeks into our lives as a married couple and I must say, while nothing really feels different, being married to a great guy is awesome.

Now that the wedding is behind us, this site will be going through a lot of changes. I’ll keep a lot of the general information available for anyone that is interested in it, but it will be condensed into one navigation tab with sub-navigation for everything else.

You’ll notice the title of the site has changed to reflect the new direction. This will be a site that will record our journey through life as a married couple and all of the wonderful, glorious things that await us in the future. Also, the url has been updated, so you if you follow the blog from a shortcut or a quicklink, you’ll want to be sure to update that as well.

So, in the meantime, I’ll thank you for your patience as all of the changes are implemented and completed.

Happy following!

Almost here…

In less than 48 hours I will marry my Prince Charming. A year of planning has come down to the next day or so. Lots of little details to attend to and square away, but I feel like we will have everything done in time.

My sisters will all be here tonight, my mom got in this afternoon and various other friends and family are traveling from all over to join us in celebrating what is surely to be a great time!

As I think about all of the people that are traveling long distances to be here I can’t help but think how incredibly blessed we truly are to have such quality people in our lives.

So, this post is for you guys – the travelers. The family and friends that waited patiently for SEVEN YEARS to see this wedding happen.

From the very bottom of our hearts, thank you so much. You all mean the world to us and we are so glad that each and everyone of you is here to celebrate with us as we take the first steps into a new chapter of our already incredibly awesome lives. You are the reason over lives are so blessed.

God Bless,

Arianna and Brett

Let the good times roll . . .

Before we left for St. Louis on Friday for the Tiemann Wedding on Saturday, May 18th we mailed out all of our invitations! It was such an exciting feeling to have that daunting task checked off our to do list. It was so relieving to be able to kick back and enjoy myself for a weekend without stressing about our wedding and get to really enjoy Dan and Danielle’s – which was GORGEOUS, by the way.

As exciting as it was to get the invitations mailed out, I did not anticipate how exciting it would be to start receiving responses! OMG, you guys, it is AWESOME! I love coming home and checking the mailbox and seeing little response envelopes inside. What I love even more is opening those envelopes and finding cards that say ‘Accepts with pleasure.’ We have received five in the last two days and all of them said yes. I can’t even begin to explain how much it means that people truly want to be a part of this day. Blessed comes to mind.

What might be even more exciting, if that’s possible, is the fact that we have our engagement session booked with our A.MAZE.ING photographer, Dustin. I can’t even tell you how awesome this guy is – you’ll just have to wait and see the photos.

We also finalized all of the details for the rehearsal dinner, which will be at Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ’s Freight House location. This place is stupid delicious and I am looking forward to our out of town guests experiencing it.

AND the wedding is going social! The wedding has its own hashtag, #SuddrethWedding, its very own Twitter account (@SuddrethWedding), and it even has its own Facebook page, Suddreth Wedding! If you want to follow along with all of the excitement there are so many ways to connect with us. And if you use Instagram, you can find us there as well with the handle, you guessed it, Suddreth Wedding. As the wedding gets closer and people begin taking and posting photos, tweets, etc be sure to use the #SuddrethWedding hashtag so we can follow and see all of your lovely posts!

Finally, there is still a more time to vote for your choice in the Father/Daughter Dance survey – the results are really close, so make sure you get your vote in and your favorite song wins!

Phew, that was a TON of information. I was going to work on program designs, but I think I’ll have a glass of wine and catch up Grey’s Anatomy instead!

3 Months to go . . .

As of today we are just 3 short months away from the wedding! It’s hard to believe that it’s been nine months since we got engaged and started all of this planning. But, here we are!

All of the invitations have been sent out and people have started letting us know they received them! So fun. Hopefully, you are here because you saw the web address on the back of the envelope!

If you are looking for information on where to stay, or what to do while you are in town, be sure to check out the What to Do page. We teamed up with the Drury Inn in Merriam and have a block of rooms set aside. Be sure to use the group number listed on the Places to Stay page.

We’ve made lots of progress on planning and getting things checked off our to do list. We went and picked out the Groomsmen’s tuxes this evening and I can’t wait to see all of the guys dressed up! The bridesmaids have ordered their gowns and I love that they have each picked out a dress they will be comfortable in. I can’t wait to see them!

I’ve been looking up hair and makeup ideas and think I have made the final decision on a hairstyle. The makeup search continues.

Our engagement photo session is set for the second weekend in June and I am really looking forward to it!

We went to a wedding this weekend (Congratulation Dan and Danielle!) and I got lots of ideas to incorporate for our reception, and some that we were already doing!

Finally, there is still time to weigh in on the Father/Daughter dance! Be sure to check out the survey and cast your vote. The vote is really close and there is a tie going on – will your vote throw the advantage to one of the songs?! Check it out!

With the summer holidays upon us, these next three months are going to be gone before I know it!

I can’t wait!

Father Daughter Dance

When my Dad and I started talking about what we would dance to I immediately suggested MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This.’ After months of trying to convince him this was definitely the way to go, he won out and I shelved the Hammer Dance.

I compiled a list of twelve songs that didn’t suck and sent them to him, and he has narrowed the options down to four. And that’s where you can help out!

Let us know what you think we should dance to!

Take the survey and help us decide!